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Talking About Plumbing Services

Hello, my name is Isaac Woldile. I am going to use this site to talk about plumber services of all kinds. Plumbers keep the unseen components in perfect condition to prevent catastrophic failures. When the plumbing fails, the results can be so bad that they drive you out of your home. When the sewer lines backed up in my home, the sheer amount of water and sewage flowing into my home was astonishing. I was displaced for months as workers attempted to clean it all up. From that point on, I proactively called in plumbers at the slightest hint of a problem. I will detail signs and symptoms that indicate the need of a plumber. I will also talk about techniques and tools plumbers used to make the repairs. Thanks for visiting.

Reasons Why You May Need Your Sewer Inspected

When it comes to maintaining your home, there is one area of it that you simply can't get to. Your main sewer line is a place that can have potential problems, which is why it helps to have a plumber perform a sewer inspection. Here are some reasons why you may need one done.

Identify Tree Roots

If you have ceramic drain tiles going out to your main sewer, a common problem you'll run into is with tree roots. They tend to seek out places that have any sort of water underground, which means they will become attracted to the condensation on sewer pipes and try to break through to the water inside. Unfortunately, this means that those tree roots end up clogging the sewer line and prevent waste from making its way to the main sewer. A plumber can use a camera to confirm if you have tree roots in your sewer line, and then use a sewer snake to clear them out.

Identify A Collapsed Pipe

Another problem that is easily confused with a clog is a collapsed pipe. The pipe going out to your sewer may be damaged to the point where water is severely restricted as it tries to pass through, btu not completely blowing the flow of water. This is another issue that will be discovered during a sewer inspection, which will let you know that you need to excavate your backyard and replace the collapsed sewer pipe.

Identify Foreign Objects

You may have had a child that happened to flush something down a toilet, and it is now causing a clog in the sewer line. Once an inspection identifies that you actually have an object stuck in the sewer line, they can use special tools to retrieve the item and get the water flowing again. Without an inspection, you are left guessing what the clog could be.

Identify Pipe Material

Do you know what kind of pipes you have underground that lead to the main sewer? It could be ceramic tiles, PVC pipe, or even cast iron. If you need help identifying the kind of pipe that you have to determine if it will soon need replacement, a plumber will be able to tell this to you during sewer inspection.

For more information on what a plumber can do for you by performing a sewer inspection, reach out to a local plumber in your area for assistance.

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